Warranty Period

CDO provides a three-year warranty, including all parts, labor, and transportation costs for all AIT components provided under this Contract.  CDO provides a minimum of a three-year warranty for all software products.  CDO will repair or replace all failed AIT components covered under warranty in this Contract in accordance with the procedures outlined below.  CDO will immediately notify the ordering Contracting Officer and order Point of Contact (POC) regarding equipment requiring repair or replacement due to apparent User abuse, negligence, or missing significant parts, such as circuit cards or boards.

Mail-In/Carry-In Procedures

CDO will bear all shipping costs, both from and back to Government site and will be responsible for the equipment from the time of receipt until safe return to the Government.  The Government will provide CDO any unusual transportation instructions for return shipment after repair.  When the User does not require the same serial number equipment, CDO will ship a replacement item no later than 24 hours after notification of failed AIT component.  If the User requires the same serial number equipment, CDO will restore all malfunctioning equipment covered under warranty to a fully operational condition and ship the equipment back to the User no later than ten workdays after receipt of the failed equipment (CONUS and OCONUS).  In the event a same serial number component requested by the User cannot be repaired, CDO will notify the Government User no later than three workdays after receipt of the component at CDO’s facility.  The Government User will provide CDO disposition instructions for un-repairable AIT components.

On-Call Procedures

CDO will provide on-call warranty service for AIT-IV IUID marking equipment in CONUS.  For CONUS locations, CDO will provide on-call repair no later than five workdays of notification.    When required by the using activity, CDO will provide on-call warranty service outside the official hours of operation.  When warranty service outside the official hours of operation is ordered in CONUS locations, CDO will replace or return the equipment to a fully operational status no later than five calendar days from the time CDO is notified of the malfunction.  CDO will provide On-call Warranty service support to repair the item on-site.